A leader is “a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal”.  If you are in a position where people look up to you to take initiative and give direction on a task, you are a leader. So now, are you a leader, or do you wish to be one? Here are tips to what makes a great leader.

  • As a leader, you must have integrity and a good character. Character is found in virtues and core values like honesty, loyalty, respect, faith, compassion, and dedication. Strength of character inspires trust and confidence.
  • You must be genuine. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Make sure your actions and words agree with your core values.
  • A leader is trustworthy – He is reliable and can be trusted. He does what he says. People need to know they can count on him and put their trust in him. Strong integrity and sincerity will earn you the respect and trust of others.
  • As a leader, you must be compassionate. Cultivate a sense of compassion for others. Understand their point of view and be emphatic to their feeling. A great leader always nurtures and protects those around you.
  • A good leader is humble. He leads by example. So, pitch in and do the work. Do not ask anyone to do anything that you would not do yourself.
  • You must be optimistic as a leader. Be positive and upbeat. Leaders inspire and motivate their followers for required action.  People are not likely to believe or to follow if they are not convinced that it is worth the trouble and that they can succeed.
  • A leader must have a Vision – A vision is what is to be accomplished. As a leader, always look ahead and develop a compelling Vision. You need to be guided by your vision of what you want to accomplish.
  • You must have courage as a leader. When faced with challenges, a leader remains true to his core values and principles, and to the vision. A leader must have the courage to step out and express his thoughts, feelings, and vision, even if it is a total contradiction with others.
  • You must plan and know where you are heading to and how you want to get there. You must weigh your options and consider resources available to you. A great leader is flexible to changes.
  • You must be clear about your vision and be able to communication it quite clearly. Share your vision and plan of action with others. Ask and be open to the thoughts and opinions of others. Make others feel part like of the process and have a responsibility to the results. A good leader listens to others. Good listening is one a very important part of communication.
  • A good leader is flexible. He is not rigid and opposing to change. When a plan is not working, he replaces is with a new plan and move on. As a leader, do not stay stuck on the same plan, if it’s not working. That will be like drowning with a sinking ship.
  • A great leader is generous and appreciative. He publicly gives credit to others when they are successful, and never takes credit for what someone else accomplished.
  • As a leader, you must continuously improve yourself. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, just be willing to learn from the mistakes. How will you win if you never try?
  • Take responsibility for your actions. Do not make excuses.  Accept  responsibility when things go wrong and learn from it so that you and your team can grow and improve your