TOEFL means Test Of English as a Foreign Language. It estimates the ability of non-native speakers of English to use or understand North American English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.

Some TOEFL Exam Tips on Listening and Reading

  1. Be prepared. TOEFL exams last for several hours.
  2. Learn accent. One of the lectures is delivered with a British or Australian accent.
  3. Practice taking notes.
  4. As you listen, get a general idea of the situation. Know who is speaking? Where are they, Why are they speaking?
  5. Some questions will require you to understand the speaker’s attitude. Listen to voice tones and other cues to assess how the speakers feel about the topic.
  6. You will be reading academic texts, so learn academic vocabs.
  7. Skim through the texts to get a basic understanding of what the text is about and who it was written for.
  8. Read the heading and sub-heading attentively.
  9. Pick out the key points and main idea of each paragraph. The questions will focus on the main points.
  10. In TOEFL structure test, you have 20mins to answer 20 questions


    1. Computers crash ________ in the operating system (OS) software or errors in the computer hardware. Software errors are probably more common, but hardware errors can be devastating and harder to diagnose.
      (a)due the errors (b)resulting in errors (c)because of errors (d)owing errors
    2. Neary all the brown bears in the United States ________ in Alaska, which has an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 brown bears, also called grizzlies.
      (a)live (b)are resident (c)reside (c)inhabit
    3. As you ________ , the technology on the inside matches the brilliance of the exterior.
      (a)expected (b)would expect (c)are expecting (d)I have expected.
    4. Most foreign visitors travelling to the US on a visa ________ have their two index fingers scanned and digital photograph taken to verify their identity at the port of entry.
      (a)need (b)are required to (c)are expected to (d)must to.
    5. It’s a horrible irony, but a bully has to know his victim well ________ effective; it’s almost impossible to bully strangers.
      (a)if being (b)to be (c)in order to (d)if they are

There are 4 underlined sections in the text below, select the one which is wrong

  1. On the bottom of the New York MetroCard have three arrows and little white letters that say “Insert this way/This side facing you.” What is it about that instruction that is so impossible to understand?
    (a)On the bottom of (b)is it about (c)have (d)that is so
  2. Should we really speak of the “breakdown” of families when we are perhaps witnessing new family forms and a new social structure arising late capitalism?
    (a)Should we (b)arising (c)when we are (d)speak of
  3. Most of the large industries in the country are well organised and structured and are sometimes backed up internationally reputable mother companies.
    (a)backed up (b)Most of (c)in the (d)are
  4. A new law will require foreigners who marry South Africans ________ five years before they can apply for anything but temporary residence and work permits
    (a)to live (b)for residence (c)for wait (d)women.
  5. International trade in the world’s 20 odd varieties of sturgeon ________ by the United Nations since 1998, after a drastic rise in poaching.
    (a)is controlled (b)is supported (c)has been promoted (d)Has been regulated

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