A while ago Melissa wrote about learning math with an abacus. That was based on a technique that we use- teaching mental math with the abacus, to bring out the amazing math talent within children. But abacus learning doesn’t only help children with their math ability- it increases their concentration and ability in all areas.

The abacus is a great tool because children in general work at such a visual level- they learn everything by watching. The abacus gives them a way to move an abstract sum into a physical solution. And so once they’ve grasped the concept, they can do any complex sum in seconds!

Abacus-based mental maths programs and courses are important tools for teachers to train students on the art ofconcentration, Let me say, though, it is not just the abacus that produces amazing results (although it does), it’s the program itself that has been developed around it.

Here’s how the program works:

  • The students are first explained on the benefits ofthe program
  • Once they know the end result, they know the exact reason to work on the structured contents
  • Once students work on the problems, they realize the benefits ofthe program
  • The teacher repeats the process on periodic basis and ensures that students remain interested & challenged to perform with complete concentration and that their full potential is achieved
  • Overall competitive environment, feeling of achievement and feel good factorhelps the students concentrate and
    perform up to their potential

Ofcourse my advice is to first teach your children the abacus method for math.

It is this tool that will help you to improve your child’s concentration. But if that’s not possible for any reason, anotherway is
to allow yourchild to set goals and see the purpose oftheirtasks. Providing motivation atthe start is far better at producing
concentration in children than dangling a reward at the end.