1Oluwadamilola Olayiwola

Class: Pry 3 Blue
School: Maryland Convent Private School
Age: 7 Years old
Oh yes, it’s another Christmas; a time to share and a time to love. I celebrated my last Christmas with my immediate family, and this year’s Christmas I want to celebrate it in my big daddy’s house at Ikorodu. I love Christmas because I eat lots of Chicken and Rice alongside with drinks.

2Dorathy Nutosugah

Class: Pry 5 White
School: Maryland Convent Private School
I spent my last Christmas in my house. Two weeks to Christmas, one of my aunt came with my cousins to spend the Christmas with us, I played with my cousins and we had lots of fun together.
On Christmas Eve my dad, brother and cousins lighted the fireworks. On Christmas day, I watched how Barney spent his Christmas Eve. I eat fried rice and jollof rice and drank plenty of juice, minerals and Chapman.

3Amarachi Dennis

Class: Pry 3 Blue
School: Maryland Convent Private School
Christmas is the remembrance of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. It’s a day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in Jerusalem. People celebrate Christmas by going to several places like Shoprite, Parks and so on. Some people spend the Christmas holiday in the village too.

4Adesanya Adewunmi

Class: Pry 4 Red
School: Maryland Convent Private School
Age: 9 Years old
Christmas is a day of happiness when you and all families and friends rejoice together to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Yet Christmas is a season of great joy, time to show the less privilege love and care. I will enjoy myself my family and friends.

5Benedicta Okechuku

Class: Pry 3 Blue
School: Maryland Convent Private School
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a day by which we show kindness and affection towards people which includes, friends, relations and neighbors.
There is usually much exchange of gifts and warm gestures towards one another.

6Ikelu Adaobi

Age: 8 years old
School: Maryland Convent Private School
Christmas is all about sharing of happiness and joy as we mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the Great King.
At Christmas, we celebrate in different ways, like going to cinemas, parties and shopping.
I love Christmas because it is an occasion for families to celebrate together.

7Adebayo O. Mary

Age: 7 Years Old
School: Yoyce Standard Academy Sabo Kaduna.

Christmas is the period or season that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
What I like about Christmas is that we see our relatives that have travelled for so long. It is a celebration time that our parents buy new things such as clothes and shoes for us.
I will like to spend the coming Christmas with my uncle in Lagos when the school vacates.

8Sheu Opeyemu

Age: 10 Years Old
School: Anchor Kiddies Nursery/Primary School Kaduna.

Christmas is the time that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus; Christmas time is the period that we see our old friends, relations that we have lost contact with or who have travelled for many years.

The next coming Christmas, I will like to travel to my cousin’s place in Abuja to celebrate Christmas. I have promised her that I will take first position in class, and this will make her buy Christmas gifts for me.

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