Mr. A Victor Friday
Methodist Nursery/Primary School
D/Line. PH, Rivers State.

One of the greatest gifts that God has given mankind is the ability for him to open his mouth to speak and express himself. This gift makes man unique from other living creatures and empowers him for both good and evil.

A child goes through different processes of learning to express him or herself before he/she can be able to say what people can understand. He/she gets tutored by different people – mother, father, siblings, teachers, nanny e.t.c.

The moment a child can say what someone could understand and respond to, that child should be brought into the consciousness of being careful with what and how he or she speaks because “What comes out of one’s mouth from day to day, affects one’s whole life and either blossoms or terminates one’s destiny” A person’s life is like a farm—yard, and the words spoken are seeds sown into it. Definitely, whatever you say falls on the farm-yard of your life, whether good or bad and will produce its fruits later.

The manner in which you use your mouth has serious implications on physical, psychological, spiritual and educational well being of every human.

Your mouth is not only given to you for food and drink, it is also given to you to chart your course in life. The bible says in John 3:63, “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life” Our words are life given spirit. They have creative abilities. God our creator used words to create everything we see around us. During creation, He said “Let there be …‘, and everything he spoke came into reality.

It may surprise you to know that some of the problems one faces is from what one says, and not the devil. Note “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat of the fruit thereof’ Pro.18:21.

Care of the Mouth

It is advisable to wash your mouth properly twice a day at least, morning and night before going to bed. Haa! my friend, it is not good to leave chocolate, sweets, chewing gum in your mouth as you go to sleep! It will make your teeth to get bad quickly and may even change the color of your teeth. It you refuse to wash your mouth regularly, it will produce bad odour that will drive people away from you. Therefore, if you don’t want people to stay away from you, wash your mouth properly with a good tooth-brush, tooth paste and mouth wash.

Wrong Use of your Mouth

  • Gossiping about people, maybe your classmate.
  • Criticizing people.
  • Running your teachers and classmates down.
  • Expressing someone’s information which should have been kept secret.
  • Constantly questioning the leadership method of your head or leader.
  • Setting two heads together against each other.
  • Discussing about immoral things.
  • Making negative references about others.
  • Talking Of matters about which we are uniformed.
  • Making disparaging remarks to others.
  • Bragging about things you do know you don’t have.
  • Causing disharmony among class-mate and friends.

If you do not know what to say just keep SILENT.

When to keep Silent

  • When you are faced with frustrating situations: Times of adversity and fear provide ample atmosphere for evil seeds of unbelief and negative confession to sprout.
  • When you are provoked: Words uttered in anger can wreak unimaginable havoc in the lives of those at the receiving ends as well as in your life.
  • When you are confused: when you are confused about an issue, in school or at home, it is best to keep silent and give it some thought before expressing an opinion.
  • When you are accused falsely: If what you say to defend yourself is not believed, it is better to keep silent and be patient than to protest and complain, especially if in the process, you might say something regrettable. Sooner or later, the whole truth will come out to lime light.

Right use of your Mouth

Therefore, you must take note of the following on how to use your mouth rightly.

  • Watch that what you say does not create conflicts.
  • Speak the truth always, no matter the pressure.
  • Watch what you say when you do not have full details or perception on the matter, especially when making remarks about people.
  • Watch that you do not say unkind words, discouraging words, cutting and hurting words. Hurting words have been known to make people think of terminating their lives.
  • Watch against words spoken in haste, or full of pride, arrogance, harsh and uncomplimentary, Do not run people down with your mouth. Use words that will encourage people.
  • Watch words full of vain glory.
  • Produce words that will provide solutions and not calamity.
  • Use your mouth to glorify your maker (GOD).
  • Use your mouth to bring harmony in the school, home and the world at large.