Four Women

Four women living in the neighborhood were invited to a party. They were discussing about the dress they would wear for the party.

They finally decided to choose the color that matches with the hair color of their husband.

The first woman told, “l will go with red as my husband colored his hair red”

The second woman said, “l always prefer black as my husband’s hair color is naturally black”

The third woman told, “Yeah, then l do prefer to go with yellow dress as he has blonde hair” (Yellow)

The fourth woman was quiet. All the other insisted her about her preferred color.

She said, “l was thinkinga lot but can’t choose any color, I can’t wear any dress because my husband is bald.”

Johnny & Mum

Mother to Johnny: “how was your exam, were all the questions difficult?”

Johnny: “No mom, all the questions were simple, it was the answers which gave me all the trouble”!

Cold Winter

During a cold winter day a wife messaged to her husband that “the Windows frozen”.

Husband replied to pour some warm water on them. After a while husband received a message again “No way, the computer is completely spoilt now”

Internet Explorer

Customer called to Tech support: “my computer is not connecting to Internet”
Tech support: “0k, which operating system are you using?”
Customer: “lnternet explorer”
Tech support: “No, you just right click on “my computer” and click on the properties menu”
Customer: “what are you saying, this is not your computer, it is my computer”

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