1Find Me! I start with ‘P’ and end with ‘E‘, but I have thousands of letters. Who am I?


2What is a word comprised of 4 letters, still also made of 5. Occasionally written with 12 letters and later with 5. Never written with 5 but happily with 7.


3When you do know me about me, them I am definitely something. You will always search for me. But when you know me, I am nothing. Who am I?


4I have all the knowledge you have. But I am small as your fist that your hands can hold me. Who am I?


5I am the biggest alphabet, as I contain the most water in the world. Who am I?


61 have 28 days in a month. which month I am?


7Find me who am I. I am the building with number stories.


8Scientists are trying to find out what is between earth and heaven. Can you find me?


9What is the word that is spelled incorrectly in all dictionaries?


10Everyone in the world break me when they speak every time. Who am I?


11A boy and an engineer were fishing. The boy is the son of the engineer but engineer is the father of the boy. Then who is the engineer?



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