1Mr Evans supplied 720 exercise books for equal distribution to a class of 40 pupils in a school. What is the number of exercise books given to each pupil?


210,800 desks were ordered for Primary 1 pupils in 60 schools. Each school admitted the same number of Primary 1 pupils. How many desks should be sent to each school?


338 children in a class paid the same amount totalling N4560 for a school party. How much did each child pay?


4A boy buys some apples for N80 and sells them at N100. How much profit or loss did he make?


5If 4 types of pen cost N500 each and 6 other types of pen costs N550 each. What is the cost of all the pens?


6One gallon of oil costs N980. What is the cost of 8 gallons?


7A taxi travelled from Kotangora to Kaduna, a distance of 303 kilometres, in 3 hours. What is the average speed of the taxi?



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